news: New packingmachine cucumbers CS02

Cucumbers and other products with higher capacity sealed

Christiaens Agro Systems have specialised in the development and manufacturing of machines for asparagus, leeks, spring onions and cucumbers. Christiaens built a machine in 2005 for packing of e.g. cucumbers. This machine was based on the principle of the vito sealing machine. Important advantage of this machine is the single knife system, which results in a limited use of foil with a saving of up to 20%.And the good quality of the sealing seam. The RVS machine is just about maintenance free and is user friendly. Recently a new packing machine was developed through a cooperative arrangement. This machine has a number of additional advantages compared to the previous one. "It almost double the capacity, there is more space to put product on and more space at the back to place a label/sticker appliance. The electricity connection is limited to 32 amp."

To view the machine at work: see Youtube film:

With this machine it is possible, in addition to cucumbers, to pack other products as well. When requested the machine can also be supplied with a different distance between bars, so that somewhat bigger products can also be packed.

For instance leeks and cabbage:


Publication date: 3/8/2012

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