news: Christiaens National and International Asparagus Excursions and Chrisje’s Tour 2011

Latest asparagus development in practice

The national asparagus excursion 2011 took place on 4 June 2011. Despite the pressure of the asparagus season a number of growers went to Neer, Holland as they were curious about the latest developments. A few weeks earlier a similar excursion was held with international visitors. Asparagus growers from Peru, Chile, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium etc. came to Christiaens to see what is new in the cultivation of asparagus. 

M4 tour1

Christiaens presented this year the new very compact automatic asparagus sorting line at work. This very compact machine judges the length, thickness, curve, rust, violet, green, brown discoloration and form of head of the asparagus. The sorting line consists of a very compact working machine, which cuts the asparagus and cleans them. With a water recycling reservoir the use of water can be limited. The sorter itself can be supplied with 15 exits, but this can be increased by sets of 5 exits. Also made to measure logistics is possible by way of various options. Supply and removal of empty and full cases, case plates and waste removal belts. 

After this the large sorting line was shown at work. The machine is unique in the world, because 4 camera's are in operation. The first three camera's judge the asparagus on all kinds of quality requirements. It has become apparent that a large proportion of asparagus do not turn, because they may be curved for instance or oval shaped. Also a thin asparagus will turn differently from a thick one. Therefore with three cameras a larger area can be judged, which gives a better sorting result of the asparagus. The fourth camera is to measure a real open head. Because of this 3D-measuring it becomes clear whether the head of the asparagus is properly closed. This system is unique as well and makes sure that second sorting has become limited as much as possible. Maximum efficiency for the client!

M4 tour2

Chrisje is a hard worker with few demands. It even works so hard that it can replace about 14 people. During the excursion two rows were harvested. The one row was harvested by Chrisje for the first time, the visitors could see how much "rubbish" can be removed from the bed at the end of the season. The other row had already been cleared out by Chrisje, as a result of which the quality improved.  

M4 tour3

In the coming three weeks Chrisje will tour to show how asparagus growers may be assisted when harvesting asparagus. Demonstrations will be given at various places in Germany and the Netherlands.


Publication date: 6/16/2012
Author: Gerard Lindhout 

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